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E.L.F Back-To-School Haul:

#1: E.L.F Beauty Must-Haves in Natural 6 color palette

- I bought this palette for my backpack, in case I need to touch up during the day. Last year I bought the big E.L.F combo palette with 50 colors, & other cosmetics. I got this mini palette because my every day makeup consists of the colors in this palette. The bottom middle is for my lid, the bottom right is my crease & the top left is the browbone/highlighter. This palette was $3.00.

#2: Smudge Brush & Crease Brush

- I was originally going for a crease brush because I did not have one & I needed one. I mean its pretty self explanatory you use it for your crease. Then I accidentally bought a smudge brush too. But it’s okay because I will use it to smudge my black outer edges in with the rest. These were $1.00 each.

#3: E.L.F Eye Refresh 

- I never thought I’d need this product but because of the disease I have I lose a lot of sleep which means I get dark circles and puffiness. This eye refresh helps tone down dark circles naturally. It is also a good product to wake yourself up in the morning. This was $3.00.

#4: E.L.F Eye Primer stick & Liner sealer

- I have never used the liner sealer only the primer & I LOVE it. I love the feeling of it when you put it on. Only thing with this if you have fair skin this might not work for you. I have medium skin because I am latina/Irish so this works fine for me but fair skin might have a darker tint to it on your eyes. This was $3.00.

#5: E.L.F Mineral Mist 

- I love this mineral mist. I have naturally clear skin & don’t need foundation or concealer so I just spray this on my face & not only does it make your skin feel good but its refreshing & It helps take of redness on my face. This was $6.00. 

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